Automatic nail making machines

  the automatic THA nail making machines are designed for the manufacture of nails and other products from steel, copper, brass and aluminium alloys wire of round and square section. The nails manufactured suit for further machine processing. With adaptation or simple exchange of cutting tools, the automatic THA machines are able to manufacture different kinds of products as stated in the summary of assortment. The input material has to comply with technical parameters of various machines as specified in the Table. As the range of manufacturing possibilities of the automatic THA machines is very wide, the manufacturer only gives a guaranty for the high quality of product providing the diameter-to-length ratios have been respected, in accordance with the nail standards, stength of the material to be processed and rate of production per time unit, for instance. In case of special products, previous consultations with the machine manufacturer are recommended.

    The rational design is a guaranty of high utility value of the automatic machines noted fot their large number of advantages:
  • high output
  • broad operating possibilities, easy attendance, fast and simple setting up
  • easy acces to the individual mechanisms
  • easy renovation of the working tools
  • small area occupied, not requiring special foundations, possibility of installing the automatic machines on higher storeys
  • low noise generation and little vibrations thanks to shock absorbers installed
  • high tool and component unification
  • possibility of additionally completing the machines with a large range of special accessories enlarging their operating possibilities


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